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How To Sell Your House Fast

1. Fill Out The Form Below


Simply fill out the form below with your contact information and information about the house you are interested in selling fast for cash. Press the submit button and you will be directed to a short questionnaire that asks more detailed questions about the house.

These questions pertain to features of the house, such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms. The more information you enter, the quicker we can analyze the property and make you a cash offer.

Once you finish that questionnaire, the information will be sent directly to our inbox, which is secured to keep your information entirely confidential.

2. We Contact You to See the House

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Once We have quickly analyzed the property based on the information you have submitted, We will contact you to make arrangements to view the house.

Don't worry about what condition the house is in, We are only interested in the potential of the house and do not care if it is a mess, pretty or ugly. We actually prefer fixer-upper houses. The uglier the better. When you sell a home through an agent, if that home needs a lot of work, it typically does not sell fast at all. We buy houses fast, regardless of what repairs are needed.

We will come by and view the house as soon as is possible with your schedule in mind. This usually only takes about 15-30 minutes. We aren't kidding when we say you can sell your Mobile Home house fast!

3. You Get a Cash Offer for Your House


At this point we are usually able to make you a cash offer. As well as your other options.  We can go over all of the details of the offer right then and there so you know everything.

There is absolutely no obligation to sell your house.

If you decide the offer works for you, we will sign an agreement to purchase the house and you can decide how soon you'd like to close and get paid.

The signed agreement is then taken to a local, title company so that they can begin the paperwork. Once the title company is ready we close the transaction at the title company's office and you'll be free of that problem property so that you can move on with your life.

A common question we get from people wanting to sell their Inland Empire houses is, "how can you buy houses so fast?" This is the reason. We buy houses with cash. We are cash home buyers which allows us to close fast, without all of the red tape that usually prolongs closings when buyers have to get loans from banks.

My name is Jon Rico, employed to make cash< offers to sellers. We have a few partners and have been buying houses in Southern California as investments for many years. We pay cash for houses in any condition, any price range in The Inland Empire

and surrounding areas. When we buy your house you don't have to worry about spending lots of money and time on cleaning and repairing your house to put it on the market. We will buy the house and do all the repairs. If you want to sell a house fast, Jon can help you.

Real estate agents want to list your house and charge you a commission. Maybe you already have it listed or its been months and no buyers are putting in offers. Agents can also cost you thousands of dollars in commissions. Not to mention waiting for qualified buyers who may ask for seller concessions like fixing Roofs, paint, inspections, flooring, or whatever else is broken or needs fixing . We'll Handle all the repairs!

We will handle all of the paperwork, buy your house and not charge you any commissions or fees. We buy houses in the Inland Empire and close as soon as is convenient for you, within 7 days if necessary.
This is the absolute fastest way possible for you to sell your house fast in the Inland Empire

Why Sell To Us
Here are some of the reasons so many people
in California have sold houses to us!

You will NOT have to pay any commissions or fees

You will NOT be required to make ANY repairs

You won't have waste valuable time showing your home, whom may not even qualify for a bank loan. We Buy Houses CASH!

You will NOT have to keep paying on a property you don't need. Sell the home fast, for cash!

You can truly sell your house fast!! we are able to close quickly and hassle-free.

You are not responsible for handling any paperwork. We or the title company will handle that.

For Fastest Service call US at 562-212-7722

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